7 things to look for in a Home Builder

7 Things to Look for in a Home Builder

The largest investment most people will make in their lifetime is building a new home. So there are often no second chances. That is why choosing the right custom home builder for you in Southern Maryland is the only key to success.

A valuable custom home builder is the spokesperson for you as well as an essential member of the design and construction team. They are the ¨middle man¨ for the homeowner and design team to determine a realistic budget for the project and then manage the expenses and inspect the design and construction process.

Remember, most likely you will be working with the home builder for 6-12 months, depending on how you want your dream home completed. Likewise, with any successful relationship, trust, honesty and clear communication is a must with your home builder.

HD Custom Home Builders of Southern Maryland pride themselves on good communication and detail. Based in your surrounding area, they are the most ideal to build your dream home. They are worth it.

HD Custom Home Builders are known to tailor homes to the final details.


When choosing a home builder consider the following 7 things:


  1. Builder is licensed
  2. Resume of projects
  3. Tailored to you
  4. Client references
  5. Warranty and service
  6. Communication abilities
  7. Organizational skills


1. Is the Builder Licensed?

We may just assume the builder has all his papers on check since he is building homes for goodness sake. But you just never know these days. Since different states may have different requirements, it´s safe to stick with a home builder who is licensed in your area. Find out what kind of insurance they carry for their team so you make sure you are covered in all the possible angles.

2. Check out his Resume of Projects

Take a look at their past track record with past projects that are similar to your desired project. Find out what was the re-sale value for some and look to see if their projects held or maintained their value.

3. Can they Tailor to You?

A builder who has a portfolio of only contemporary homes may not be the best for you if you desire a different style. Although many custom home builders have the skill of building different styles of homes, look for some in the portfolio that can be tailored to your style. So you are sure they can fulfill your imagination than just be guaranteed by words.

4. Ask for Client References

You may feel hesitant to ask, but hey, you’re going to spend the very most building your home so you deserve to get feedback on their past clients. When following-up on customer references and referrals, ask them if they would hire the builder again, and if they would recommend them to friends and family. Also ask the main reasons if they would or would not recommend the builder. Its best to get all the information possible about the builder.

5. Warranty and Service

The most exciting part of building a new home is having the latest products, systems and components bran new and under warranty. It will be a very long while to worry about repairs! You want to also look for structural warranty for at least ten years or longer on the home itself. A valuable builder offers service under warranty and takes time to explain the proper maintenance and care of your new home.

6. Do You Understand the Builder?

A valuable builder like HD Custom Home Builders, are proud of their communication skills. Being able to have open communication at reasonable times throughout the week is vital. Since your Home Builder will be your spokesman to the design and construction team, you have to be able to communicate clearly. Your builder needs to understand your ideas and therefore execute it exactly how you want it. On the other hand, your builder must relay any building issues that are important for the homeowner´s knowledge and these calls for open, honest communication.

7. Organization Skills

Along with communication skills, being organized is as well an asset. An experienced home builder knows how to deal with the daily pressures of the project and in the same time be able to maintain order from the beginning to the time he hands your keys to your new home. A builder well organized will make your life at ease during the project and being able to implement a plan and execute it successfully demands superb organizational skills.

Building a new custom made home is an amazing experience! We always talk about all the if´s of having a dream home. Having a nice big pantry in the kitchen, a spacious walk-in closet and incorporating a man´s cave in your home are all of our wishes. Then to have all your desires and your ideas come to life is an incredible feeling. However, that is only possible if you choose the right builder for you. Don’t hesitate to Call HD Custom Home Builders, who know how you want to live as they are part of your St. Mary´s County.


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